Can Mucinex Help You Get Pregnant?

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As per one TikToker Mucinex may assist you in becoming pregnant. But, can the cough syrup really boost your chances of getting pregnant? This is what specialists have to say.

From taking supplements over-the-counter to eating antioxidant-rich food There are a myriad of methods to boost fertility. According to studies altering your diet will increase the likelihood of conception. But , does cough syrup help you get pregnant? In particular, will Mucinex aid to get pregnant? This is everything we know about the popular TikTok trend.

What is Mucinex?

mucinex while pregnant is the brand name of Guaifenesin is an over-the counter expectorant. When taken orally, this drug can help reduce cough and thinning the mucus. It is able to ease chest heaviness or congestion. Mucinex assists people in eliminating mucus from their upper respiratory tract which makes it easier to clean the nose, head throat, and lungs.

What is Mucinex?

Mucinex is the brand name used for Guaifenesin is an over-the-counter expectorant. If taken orally, this medicine can help reduce cough and thinning the mucus. It may help ease chest pain or congestion. Mucinex assists people in eliminating mucus from their respiratory tract which makes it easier to cleanse the nose, head the throat, and lungs.

Can Mucinex Help You Get Pregnant?

If TikTok creator @juliasendojourney whose actual name is Julia Schuller, revealed Mucinex helped her to conceive, a large number of her followers were taken note.

“I’ve been keeping track of my fertility indicators due to having endometriosis as well as PCOS [polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”” Schuller explained. When she started taking Mucinex-D she noticed she was becoming more fertile. “After I started taking Mucinex-D the signs of fertility were up by a significant amount,” she explained, saying, “I was like, “What’s happening?

However, while Schuller did notice changes, you shouldn’t make too high. Marie Facadio Antero, M.D. Fertility expert at Conceptions Florida believes there’s no evidence to suggest that Mucinex assists in the conception process.

“While evidence has suggested that an improvement in the chances of conception is from an individual case report as well as small studies that were conducted over in the past 40 years There is no evidence from large , random clinical trials that show Mucinex could help women get pregnant,” Dr. Antero states.

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Mucinex is an expectorant which works to thin the mucus liner that covers your throat and lungs and, theoretically it will help to thin cervical mucus, which will allow better sperm flow to the reproductive tract.” The doctor. Antero states. “However it is unclear if Mucinex aids in the thinning of cervical mucus remains to be established.”

Are you still keen to try it? Make sure to consult your doctor prior to beginning any fertility enhancement program that includes using Mucinex to aid in conceiving.

Mucinex As an alternative, how can You Improve Your Fertility?

However, even though Mucinex might not be effective however, there are tried-and-true methods that can boost your fertility and increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

  • Take care to eat well. Make sure to include sufficient protein, iron zinc, zinc and vitamin D in your diet. Insufficient levels of these nutrients are linked to longer menstrual cycles and lower frequency of cycles of ovulation.
  • Be aware of how much weight. Being overweight can cause irregularity in your cycle. This makes it hard to think of. If you are overweight, with BMIs of 18.5 or less – may also struggle especially if the person is losing their menstrual cycle completely. Consult your doctor If you’re worried that your weight could be affecting your fertility.
  • Avoid toxic chemicals whenever possible. Did you know that certain industrial chemicals can alter the menstrual cycle? Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the effects of radiation and nitrous oxide and jet fuel, among others, can reduce fertility. If you work that involves hazardous chemicals, and are trying to get pregnant, make certain to wear protective equipment.
  • Beware of alcohol and cigarettes. The risks of smoking cigarettes are well-documented and well-known. i.e. smoking can cause heart disease, cancer as well as diabetes and lung diseases, to just name some. Smoking can also harm a woman’s eggs, causing interference with the process of fertilization, and can cause the ovaries to become prematurely old. Alcohol is a different matter. Alcohol alters the estrogen levels which could interfere with conception. If you’re trying to get pregnant and reduce drinking alcohol.
  • Utilize an ovulation monitor. It’s also essential to know the time of your cycle. Are you unsure where to start? Ovulation trackers that are available over the counter can (and can) assist you in assessing how your levels are regulated, helping you increase the chances of conception and increase the chances of having a baby.

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