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How Your Company’s Logo Influences Purchase Decisions

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Your company’s logo is your brand’s visual identity, so getting it right is important. Whether intentional or not, every detail of your logo affects the people who see it. Therefore nothing can be arbitrary.

In fact, it’s in your best interest to ensure that every Best Professional Logo Design decision is intentional and communicates the message you want to convey, as ill-considered design decisions will result in misleading or confusing logos.

Worse, ill-considered choices can result in logos that say nothing at all.

What follows is a deeper look at the Best Professional Logo Design in relation to fonts, shapes, lines, colors, and composition—and how these elements influence your logo’s impact on customers’ purchasing decisions.

The psychology of fonts

Writings have a psychological effect on people. The emotions they generate are directly related to the shape of the letters and our psychological response to those shapes. So how do you know which typeface style is best for your business?

Wichita State University’s Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) conducted a study examining the characteristics people associate with different typefaces. Traditional fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman were rated as “stable” and “mature” by respondents but also as “unimaginative” and “conformist.”

The psychology of shapes in Best Professional logo design

All logos—whether they contain an icon and text, just an icon, or even just text—have a shape. The three main categories – geometric, abstract, and organic – are all pre-packaged with their own psychological associations.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes look artificial. Mathematically exact squares, perfect circles, and isosceles triangles are rather rare in nature. So using these shapes gives a sense of order and power. The different types:

Squares and rectangles convey stability, reliability, strength, order, and predictability. Think of the bricks used to construct strong, stable buildings. If you want your logo to communicate strength and reliability, consider using squares or rectangles.

Circles never end. So they can be the right choice if you want to make consumers think of harmony, unity, eternity, or timelessness. Curves are also considered feminine, and circles convey softness, distinction, and femininity.

Triangles are a directional shape. As a result, they change their meaning depending on their positioning. On the right, triangles show power, stability, and upward momentum. Inverted triangles indicate instability or downside momentum. And triangles pointing sideways convey movement and direction depending on where the apex of the triangle is pointing.

Abstract or symbolic shapes

Symbols are simplified forms that represent something specific in a culture. And because symbols have precise, shared meanings, they are heavily used as a visual language.

Stars can convey patriotism or religion or even “show business” and “Hollywood,” depending on how they are used.

Hearts can communicate love, relationships, and marriage, while broken hearts represent breakups, divorce, and sadness.

Arrows, on the other hand, suggest a direction, movement, and journey. These are commonly used in companies that ship and deliver goods. FedEx and Amazon are examples of logos that make good use of these symbols. The arrow in the FedEx logo is subtle and created from negative space – an unexpected surprise. Amazon’s logo features a triple arrow denoting a delivered package, the company’s product range (from “A” to “Z”), and the recipient’s resulting smile.

The psychology of colors

Color contributes to the strongest emotional trigger in your logo design repertoire as colors are strongly associated with emotions in the human psyche. Whether our interpretation of color is hardwired into our brains or stems from cultural influences—or a combination of both—there is a universally accepted language of color.

It’s also important to remember that the way you mix your colors in a single design also has a psychological impact on your viewers. For example:

• A variety of bright colors appear youthful, childlike, or full of energy.

• Black and white is a classically elegant combination that implies maturity and sophistication.

• Monochromatic schemes allow you to use more vivid colors while maintaining a softer, more unified feel.

• Pairing neutrals with an accent color allows you to harness the emotional impact of bold, bright colors without childish implications.

Choose your colors wisely to evoke appropriate on-brand emotions. Your choice of colors should always embody the personality of the brand.

Overall, every detail of your company logo will impact people who see that logo. You can communicate a lot—and do it efficiently and effectively—when you understand your brand and make informed, thoughtful decisions about fonts, colors, shapes, lines, and compositions. If you want to get Best Professional Logo Design, you can contact Logo Design Valley.


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