Are Designer Clothes Cheaper In Pakistan?

Are Designer Clothes Cheaper In Pakistan?

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Nobody can call stitched clothes “ready-made” now. It is not an appropriate term now for clothing which can cost a leg and arm. We call them designer fashions, fashion wear and trendy attire. The prices may go higher during this winter. It isn’t the season to doll up in satins and silk, it would be linen and chiffon embellishments with embroidery, sequins, gold, silver and tinsel thread. Textile manufacturers and fashion designers have naturally prepared to cater to clothes suitable for the winter. One of the things people often ask is whether designer clothes are cheaper or expensive. Here is a detailed guide! 

Are Designer Clothes Really Cheap in Pakistan?

The prices of quality clothes and fashion wear are artificial, driven by a fact that notwithstanding the cost, sales are on a high. It can be a boom time for the textile and apparel industry year round. Economic pundits often explain it is because of an enhancing middle class population. One can say that middle class psychology has been exploited. In Pakistan, when its middle class begins to prosper, it’s called “keeping up with the joneses”, and the joneses often keep up with the rich. It is a similar mentality that the Pakistani designer clothes are priced for the affluent class of Pakistan.

You would note the majority are not daughters and wives of millionaires. The price tag isn’t calculated in rupees, it is sometimes calculated in dollars. That is one significant reason for the higher price. And it also assists in making the elite feel exclusive, and the middle class feel they belong to the club of rich millionaires.

Another group of population which is driving the profits on designer clothes is the growth in Pakistan’s young population. Market experts identify that the youngsters are the main target customers for the textile manufacturers and fashion designers. The exuberance of youth is in fact reflected in designing. Textile patterns are a good mix of several design elements.

Fashion trends among the youth dictate how much cloth is sold per dress. For instance, when the pajama style of leg covering was trendy, the clothing for a suit incorporated just enough cloth for the pajama. In case you  wore a shalwar, you would have a tough time working out how to stitch it. The outcome was that everyone from the young people, elderly women, and the housemaid wore pajamas. The ones from designers appeared elegant because they were cut like trousers, however, the ones worn by most of the people looked like the bottom half of night suits.

Where to Buy Cheap Designer Clothes?

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