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The Importance Of Good Quality Cat Beds

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Regarding rest, cats are the quintessential sleepers of the entire animal kingdom. Factors such as heat, hunger, and age influence sleep hours. However, we can say that the average time spent between breaks and naps is between 16 -20 hours a day. That is, 75 -90% of the day is spent sleeping. However, much of this time is spent in a more “sleepy” state than deep sleep. Not all hours are sound asleep, but almost 3 of every 4 are spent in a light sleep. Therefore, they deserve comfortable cat beds that provide beneficial sleep and healthy aging.

The importance of having quality cat beds and a healthy rest

Suppose you have not considered how vital the hours of sleep are for your cat and the importance of having its resting place. We don’t blame you! The fact is, however, that choosing one cat bed or another can make a big difference in your feline’s health.

But what are the best cat beds for your cat to rest in? 

If you are looking for your first rest accessory or, on the contrary, you are considering renovating one that is already old and deteriorated. You are in luck! Pick from elegant beds or cots for cats to hammocks, igloos or caves, or cabins for cats, and stylish furniture for cats that is irresistibly comfortable for our felines.

With thousands of options on the market, finding decent cat beds is not complex. Finding something that fits your budget and your cat’s needs is pretty simple. However, finding the perfect cat bed, a bed that your cat instantly loves and uses for the long haul is much more complicated!

Considerations before buying Cat Beds

Now that you know the importance of choosing the proper cat beds where your cat will always find its place at home for a nap, we must consider several factors, such as the bed’s material, size, and style. 

  • Does it curl up into a ball, sleep stretched out, or lie on the sofa? 
  • Does it prefer closed spaces over open ones? 
  • Cold or warm places?
  • Do they rest more at ground level or on top?
  • Are there some materials that appeal more than others?
  • Is he young or old? More active or more passive?

These are some questions we must ask ourselves before choosing the cat beds. Some cats crave the extra sense of security that cat caves provide, and other, more outgoing cats enjoy lounging in quiet places.

Then, the presentation of the new resting place will be of vital importance, remember that cats are susceptible to changes, so when you introduce the new bed, some Pet accessories can help us to make the presentation such as catnip.

Other factors to consider:

  • Age of your cat

Your cat’s age plays a massive role in choosing the perfect bed. For example, if your cat is young and therefore is more active and playful, it is worth finding a bed with accessories. Some beds may have built-in scratchers, dangling toys, or other intriguing objects.

Your cat’s preferences for bedding can evolve significantly over the years. If you have a kitten or older cat with mobility issues, you want to ensure your cat can get in and out of bed quickly. Buy cat beds with a low side so your cat can get in quickly.

  • Material

The type of material is one of the most important factors to consider. Cat beds should allow regular hygiene since it is one of the favorite places where fleas nest. Choose a bed or mattress that can be machine-washed. Having two units can be an excellent ally when one of them is being washed.

  • Height

In general, cats do not like to be at ground level since they feel safer at heights to be more aware of their surroundings. In other words, the bed is like their observatory, not only a place to sleep, so the height of the bed is also essential.

We always recommend that you select cat beds with a crib or mat. Place it high up, stable, and at the same time warm and draft-free, on top of a piece of furniture or chair and near the wall, in any strategically safe place to allow you to relax while feeling protected. In this case, ensure the bottom is secured, so it doesn’t slip.

  • Dimensions

Depending on your cat’s sleeping preferences, a bed should be large enough to stretch out or small enough to curl up comfortably and feel secure. 

If your cat prefers to rest extended, choose a bed that is as long as its body to the base of the tail, and add 5cm to the length of the body. It would be a bed with an approximate diameter of 45-50cm.

Find your cat’s ideal comfort zone. These tips can help you save time and money shopping for cat beds. We hope they help you!


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