ChartLogic Vs AthenaOne Software -Deciding Most Suitable EHR

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When it comes to EMR software, ChartLogic and AthenaOne are the two most popular options. Both offer similar functionality and are easy to use. However, chart logic allows you to create your own smart fields and templates to suit your specific needs. The program also lets you customize your encounters and messages. EHR is easy to use, and even a beginner can figure it out quickly.


ChartLogic EHR is an ambulatory EMR suite that includes Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, e-prescribing, and a patient portal. These features help physicians and medical offices increase productivity and streamline various operational processes. In addition, ChartLogic offers additional services like billing consultation and data conversion.

ChartLogic founded in 1994 to meet the growing need for electronic charting. Its initial customers were local clinics. The software designed to replace traditional paper charts and transcripts. ChartLogic is sold as an integrated system that includes subscription fees, software license, hardware, training, and related services.

ChartLogic has been in business for 20 years and is a leader in the electronic medical record market. Its software enables physicians to access vital patient records anytime, anywhere, and with any device. The software also enables physicians to access and upload lab results to patient charts. The app is easy to use and enables physicians to stay productive on the go. The company’s team also constantly monitors the healthcare environment to ensure compliance.

Among the key differences between the two systems is how large the practices are. Larger practices, which are usually comprised of five or more physicians, have more robust requirements and higher budgets. They need unique features like interoperability, multi-device support, and extensive reporting capabilities. Most importantly, they need support from a dedicated customer service team.


If you’re considering a new EHR system for your practice, there are many options to consider. AthenaOne is a great choice if you’re considering a more patient-oriented EHR. AthenaOne, on the other hand, offers both clinical and administrative features. Both options have flexible pricing packages and allow you to choose the features you need. AthenaOne also offers a per-encounter billing option that’s convenient for small practices. Both solutions have highly detailed demos that will help you make the right decision based on your practice’s needs.

In addition to helping doctors keep track of patients, AthenaOne software helps physicians manage appointments, daily tasks, and staff communication. It also helps them maximize reimbursement and maintain compliance certification. For example, its appointment scheduler can help physicians manage patient appointments and reduce no-show rates. It also features customizable note templates and integration with patient portals.

AthenaOne Chartlogic is highly customizable, and you can customize your reports as needed. It is able to filter large amounts of data and provide data-driven insights that help you see trends. It also has a revenue overview tool that allows you to see how much you charge versus what you collect and provides insight into recent trends.

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