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Split AC Cleaning before winter Importance

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Nothing is more crucial to your health than what you eat, drink, and inhale. So, what if the air you inhale daily is infected? While this is a terrifying thought, it is far more often than you would believe. Switching on a contaminated air conditioner releases microbes and germs into the atmosphere and your lungs. If your air conditioner is contaminated, you risk yourself and the most defenseless family members, relatives, and colleagues to a wide range of dangerous, even fatal, health issues. A contaminated air conditioner is a foundation for chronic disease and must be repaired as soon as possible!  At Aqua AC Clean, we believe that nothing is more essential than the wellness of your family, acquaintances, and employees, which is why we advise Split AC Cleaning before winter of your ac unit at least every year. 

You would only assume your car to work efficiently if it was serviced and tuned up on a routine basis. You wouldn’t anticipate your body to operate at its best if you didn’t commit to daily workouts and a nutritious diet. What makes your air conditioning unit any different? 

Split AC Cleaning may appear to be an unneeded and challenging activity. After all, there’s no use in fixing something that isn’t broken. Why clean it if it keeps your house cool? Bad! Split AC Cleaning regularly provides financial and health rewards for you and your family. 

Importance of Split Ac Cleaning before winter

If you last cleaned your air filter some time ago and your ac unit isn’t delivering arctic air the way it used to, the mechanism may have frozen. Clogged filters block the passage of cold air, causing it to gather inside the air conditioning unit. The coils may eventually develop ice as an outcome. Moreover, the following are reasons why Split AC Cleaning is essential: 

Unsafe Indoor Air Quality

Many health issues, especially respiratory ailments, have been linked to old, unmaintained air-conditioning units. When an ac unit operates in the summer, the inside team produces condensation, a key accelerator for mold and mildew growth. While the system is inactive over the winter, mold can spread and take root, causing respiratory difficulties and what some people regard as a “dirty sock smell.” The cylindrical fan and motor can also become dusty, providing a food supply for mold. 

Huge Electricity Bills

According to energy analytics, cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner filters and parts guarantee that the unit runs as efficiently as possible and is less costly. Higher electrical savings are expected if the ac is operating correctly. 

Warranties Rejected

Have you heard that all major air conditioning unit manufacturers impose the duty on you, the buyer, to perform yearly and fortnightly care on the unit, following the guidelines in the owner’s handbook for the warranty to be valid? If this is not done and a product fails due to a lack of servicing or cleaning, your warranties will not support you. 

Benefits of Split Ac Cleaning before winters

Winter is on its way. But there’s one thing you might have forgotten to include on your Black Friday shopping list: air conditioning. When was the last time you got your ac unit cleaned? 

Split Ac is installed in three-quarters of all homes across the country. And with a worthwhile purpose. An Ac system has several advantages, particularly when degrees begin to rise in the summer. 

However, just as fast as people put on the air conditioner in the summer, they might neglect it in the winter. On the other hand, Professional Split AC Cleaning before winter makes sure that your ac unit will kick on when you need it the most. 

Keep reading to discover the advantages of split ac cleaning before winter hits: 

Lower Chance of Winter Problems 

Nothing is more annoying than switching on your ac unit and discovering that it is not functioning when you want it the most. If faults are not found before winter, your air conditioner may continue to malfunction when it is not in use. 

It is also more vulnerable to winter problems, such as cold temperatures affecting the unit. Freezing pipes, clogged Ac filters, and malfunctioning circuits like the thermostat are all common winter issues. And besides, your split ac unit is typically positioned outdoors, which might be affected by winter circumstances such as snow and freezing temperatures. 

Avoid Breakdowns

You may have problems if you postpone until winter to solve an air conditioning problem. In the wintertime, checking an AC unit might cause further harm to the system. This is why it is critical to get Split AC Cleaning performed before temperatures decrease. 

Split AC Cleaning can also assist you in preparing your unit for the winter. They will perform an ac tune-up and guide you on safeguarding your equipment over the winter. For example, you may need to clean it, add more insulation, and turn off the electricity. 

Increased life duration with lower costs

A split ac unit should last at least ten years. However, if you fail to maintain your ac unit, its lifespan will be significantly reduced. Winter puts your air conditioner in danger of degradation, so prepare it ahead of time to avoid harm. 

Try calling Split AC Cleaning services before winter if you want your ac unit to last. It is the ideal time to repair any faults so that your ac unit is ready for use coming summer. They can guarantee that your unit is weather resistant and ready to go whenever the temperature increases. 

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Safeguard Your Home

An air conditioning machine may affect more than just the air quality. If you have a significant problem with your unit, your family may face additional health hazards. 

Leaking is a typical problem with split ac units. Water leaks are not dangerous to your health but might damage your house. However, there is also a possibility of an ac unit coolant leak. If your ac unit isn’t operating correctly, it might leak dangerous chemicals like Freon. 



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