Rubbish Chute Replacement

What are the Most Common Types of Rubbish Chute Issues & How to Deal With Them?

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Your garbage chute system could occasionally need repairs, just like any other equipment in your house. Wear and tear problems are one of the most frequent causes for requesting the best condo rubbish chute replacement and repair services.

Door hinge for a loose rubbish chute

Because they are used often, chute door hinges frequently get loose. The screws holding the rubbish chute hinges in place go loose when the door of a rubbish chute is opened too frequently or forcefully.

If the door hinge is weak, it will be simpler for tenacious rats or other pests to push through the doors and into your house.

This would also imply that the garbage chute in your unit is no longer airtight, which might let odors into your house. Therefore, when it comes to a condo rubbish chute repair, repairing the door hinge is a very significant issue.

For both wooden and steel doors, there are distinct steps to follow when tightening loose hinges. It does not only suggest that tightening the screws ought to solve the problem. The level of the screw thread damage determines how to fix junk door hinges. They can have rusted out of disrepair or been worn down by repeated usage.


You might need to purchase a screw set if the thread damage is severe. This could be challenging because the screw sets will vary depending on the type or even the brand of the rubbish chute.

Additionally, because they are so tiny, it takes a lot of care and dexterity to avoid having your screws fall down the rubbish chute while you are repairing it, so look for one of the best Plumbing Services.

Gaps between the wall and the garbage chute

When the rubbish chute is not built properly, wear and tear over time will eventually cause the entire rubbish chute to become loose and separate from the wall. This is risky since it will soon cause the entire rubbish chute to collapse, revealing a sizable entrance that connects your home to the rubbish area.


It is best to get a new rubbish chute since it is the most affordable option and will last longer than a repair.

Door handles on a broken or loose garbage chute

This often occurs when the door handle is screwed on as opposed to being welded to the rubbish chute door. A handle can then be screwed back on when this occurs. However, as this is most likely the result of wear and tear, the issue will recur. If not, the handle wouldn’t have come off with such ease.


Adjust the door handle of the rubbish chute’s screws. It is essential to strengthening the rubbish door handle with silicone sealant if you find that the drill holes for the door handle are on the rubbish chute door and have minor gaps to enable room for atmospheric corrosion. Otherwise, get a replacement rubbish chute that has a better design.

The Right Time for Rubbish Chute Replacement:

Garbage chutes are frequently overlooked by homeowners and property managers, even though they are essential to maintaining hygienic conditions. It’s time to replace the rubbish chutes if your system needs regular maintenance.

Are these issues occurring with your rubbish chutes? If so, your rubbish chute might need to be replaced.

  • Cockroaches and other insects are drawn to rusty and odorous chutes. Do not put up with such situations; instead, think about hiring qualified rubbish chute contractors to solve the issue.
  • A rubbish chute needs to be airtight. If the chutes have dents, they may no longer work as airtight devices. If this is the case, think about changing them to prevent the stench of rubbish and keep insects out of your house.
  • When garbage chutes are too old, they can make a lot of noise when they open or close. Replacement of such chutes ought to happen as soon as feasible.

Hiring qualified rubbish chute fitters to address the matter has several advantages.

The price of the rubbish chute affects how much it will cost to replace it. The cost of a condo rubbish chute is more expensive than an HDB rubbish chute. This is because condo rubbish cans are needed to be fire-rated and have bespoke proportions because there are no industry-standard standards. As a result, the cost will undoubtedly increase.

4 Things you must know about your rubbish chute before replacement:


Condo trash chutes do not have a defined size, unlike HDB trash chutes. Its dimensions are typically set by the property management, and occasionally they may be even less than those of a typical HDB trash chute.

As a result, a typical issue for condo owners with an integrated trash chute is their inability to get rid of large amounts of waste. They will be compelled to carry the heavy trash bags to a designated spot on their floor for disposal or down to a central disposal facility on the ground floor. Not the best situation.

Tensile Power

Because it is smaller, some individuals could abuse their condo’s trash chute by extending the lid as far as they can to accommodate their enormous waste bags. Condominium trash chutes are not, however, constructed any differently from HDB trash chutes.

The same level of maintenance is required or else frequent abuse might result in loose hinges, damaged trash chute doors, or even jammed trash chute doors. You can ask for a trash chute with a higher tensile strength if it matters to you.

Condominium waste chute cost and warranty

Condo trash chute repairs are more frequently requested than condo trash chute replacements since they are typically more expensive to replace. However, property owners should be aware that if any repairs are made to garbage chutes, their warranty will expire. Because a complete replacement will last a lot longer than a simple repair, it is preferable.

Long- or short-tongued garbage chute

When the trash chute is closed, the tongue protrudes from the aperture. Additionally, it is where you place your trash bag before closing to get rid of it. To prevent loud bangs from trash bags thrown from upper-floor apartments hitting your condo garbage chute tongue, a short tongue is preferable for lower-level condo units.

4 Things to check in the rubbish chute before installation

  1. Like condo trash chutes, HDB trash chutes are often composed of two different sorts of materials. No matter the material the trash chute is built of, it is always important to look after and repair your trash chute.
  2. An essential component is a trash chute that is airtight. It prevents obnoxious vermin and a bad stench from coming from the deepest parts of the rubbish-collecting places. You’ll be shocked at how crafty cockroaches, ants, lizards, and other insects can take advantage of the tiniest spaces. Keep an eye out for garbage chute vendors who can guarantee that their garbage chutes are cockroach-proof.
  3. The waste chute’s Briella Hardness measures how quickly it may dent under impact. Given its inferior quality, it is uncommon for an HDB trash chute to dent readily. You may be confident that the majority of HDB trash chutes will be of a respectable caliber.
  4. When the trash chute is closed, the tongue protrudes from the aperture. Additionally, it is where you place your trash bag before closing to get rid of it. To prevent loud bangs from trash bags thrown from upper-floor apartments hitting your HDB garbage chute tongue, a short tongue is preferable for lower-level HDB units.


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