Natural hair shrinkage

All You Need To Know About Natural Hair Shrinkage

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If you have curly hair, you can appreciate how difficult it is to manage them. There is a lot to accomplish, but because curly hair is challenging to manage, everything appears so challenging.

Natural hair shrinking is another issue that curly-haired girls face. Even though it is currently extremely prevalent, not many people know about it.

Please read this post if you have curly hair and are interested in learning more about hair shrinking.

Reasons for Natural Hair Shrinkage

Let’s first have a glimpse at the reasons why one has to deal with hair shrinkage as we can’t cure a problem without knowing its cause.

Curly hairs can be very difficult to handle if not given proper attention on time. And hair shrinkage is a result of that only.

When curly hairs don’t get enough moisture and start drying then a point comes when because of the lack of moisture and they start shrinking.

This is also something that determines the health of your hair. Because healthy hair locks moisture and doesn’t face the problem of shrinking. But if your hair doesn’t have good health then it will not be able to lock moisture and get dried up easily leading to shrinkage.

 It is not always that when you use a hair dryer for your hair then only will your hairs get dehydrated and shrink. This can happen with natural drying too.

Why because our hair needs moisture, whether they are simple, long, short, or even curly. When hairs lack moisture they start drying up. However, it happens fast with using a hair dryer.

So the basic reason for curly hair shrinkage is the lack of moisture in the hair.

What to Do To Stop Hairs from Shrinking

Now when you know that you are having hair shrinkage then what to do to stop it? Well, the answer is pretty easy and simple. You just need to give your hair proper moisture and that’s it.

However, that is not as easy as it sounds and you have to choose the appropriate way of providing moisture to your hair. Following are some of the things that you can do to stop your hair shrinkage.

  1. Moisture Your Hair

The first and the simplest thing that you can do is to just moisturize your hair while washing. You can use natural and sulfate–free shampoo for your hair followed by a moisturizing conditioner.

Also, don’t wash your hair with very hot water because it makes your hair dry.

  1. Have A Good Comb

It’s not always shampoo, conditioner, and washing process but also your comb or brush that can make your hair dry. Using a bamboo wood, neem wood brush, and comb will detangle your hairs super quick and prevents them from losing any moisture.

  1. Give Your Hair Special Attention

With gentle and regular washing your hair also needs pampering and good care. You can do that by using various homemade hair masks, having a tea tree oil hair massage, or something else that can nourish your hair.

These are some of the ways by which you can stop your natural hair shrinkage.


Taking care of your hair is very important; otherwise you can end up losing your beautiful hair. If you have curly hair then this can be even more difficult for you.

That is why you need to use special products for your hair that are natural, friendly to your hair, don’t harm them and nourish them and stop natural hair shrinkage.



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