How can you become a Microblading Artist: A complete guide

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Careers in microblading are thriving currently. With the demand for more permanent options in makeup rising, microblading has shot up in popularity. People only trust well-trained and experienced artists, so the need for good artists has increased. With good pay and flexible working hours, a microblading job suits many.

What are the steps to follow?

Here are the main phases in your microblading career and how to deal with them.

  1. Select a training course to pursue

A good training course is the most crucial step in pursuing a career in Microblading. Training is the phase where you learn most of your skills and pick up tips which prove helpful in the real world. Research about the microblading training in Los Angelesis vital to picking the course suited to your learning style.

Training courses cover the complete theory of microblading and the possible effects on unsuited skin types to handle them with care. Practical experiences are mimicked to help you gain enough experience for an internship.

  1. Search for an internship

An internship is a temporary job with lower pay to help you gain experience for a real job. They adequately demonstrate what the job entails, which will help you make the final call about your interests in this career. To pass the certification exam, you must have a fixed amount of internship hours as decided by the local exam committee.

Apply to as many places as possible and prioritise the most popular ones. Plead your case well and work diligently. You will genuinely experience customer service and practical examples during your internship, which will help you gear up for your own career.

  1. Write the certification exam

Your certification acts as an implicit license for the practice. The certification exam is set based on the place of taking it and requires you to pass with a minimum score to be eligible for becoming an artist. With both theoretical and practical exams, passing the test will need you to prepare extraordinarily and perform exceptionally.

When you look for Microblading Training in Los Angeles, dig deeper about how knowledgeable the training is regarding the exam. Good training centres perform ample research on exam topics to help you achieve well and train you accordingly.

  1. Apply for established companies

While starting, you should gain ample experience in companies with good popularity. Opening a new place when you just finish your exam will not guarantee customers’ credibility, especially in the case of a critical procedure.

With adequate experience under your belt and some loyal customers trusting you, you can branch out and invest in your own place. You can even train more people with a license to grow in the career of microblading.


Microblading training crafts artists in many ways. A big chunk of your skills get shaped, and you pick up tips which help you in your career, which makes choosing the right training course crucial. Sway Brows offers training courses that fit your needs and train you well with good exposure and experience. You will assuredly pick up skills and pass the exam to pursue your microblading career. Get in touch and book an appointment today.



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