6 Astrological Remedies to Bring Your ex love back

6 Astrological Remedies to Bring Your ex love back

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Love, a beautiful and intricate emotion, can sometimes lead to separation and heartbreak. However, astrology offers powerful remedies to mend broken relationships and rekindle the flame of love, enabling you to bring your ex love back and lost love back by astrology into your life. With the right guidance and astrological insights, you can pave the way to reunite with your lost love. In this blog, we will explore effective astrological remedies that can help you heal emotional wounds, attract positive energies, and create the conditions necessary for a reunion with your former partner. By harnessing the wisdom of astrology and implementing specific techniques, you can increase the likelihood of rekindling your lost love and fostering a harmonious and fulfilling relationship once again.

Analyzing the Birth Charts 

To understand the potential for reuniting with your ex love back, it is crucial to analyze both your birth charts.The positions of planets, houses, and their interplay provide valuable insights into the dynamics of your relationship and the reasons for the breakup. Consulting an experienced astrologer will help you gain clarity and identify the astrological factors that influenced the separation.

Strengthening Venus and the Moon 

Venus, the planet of love, and the Moon, representing emotions, play significant roles in relationships. Strengthening these planets through specific remedies can help attract love and bring your ex love back. Chanting mantras dedicated to Venus and the Moon, wearing gemstones associated with them, and performing rituals can enhance the positive energies needed for reconciliation.

Performing Vashikaran Remedies 

Vashikaran, an ancient practice in astrology, involves channeling energies to influence and attract someone, including your ex love back. It can be used ethically and positively to reconnect with your former partner. Vashikaran mantras and rituals, performed under the guidance of an experienced astrologer, can help create a favorable environment and increase the chances of your ex love returning to your life.

Seeking Forgiveness and Healing 

Healing emotional wounds and seeking forgiveness are essential steps towards reuniting with your ex love. Astrology can guide you in understanding the lessons learned from the breakup and help you develop self-awareness and empathy. By embracing personal growth and demonstrating genuine remorse, you can pave the way for reconciliation.

Strengthening the 7th House 

The 7th house in the birth chart represents partnerships and marriage, including the potential for reuniting with your ex love back. Strengthening this house through astrological remedies can create positive vibrations for a potential reunion. Offering prayers to deities associated with the 7th house, performing rituals, and observing fasts dedicated to them can infuse your life with the energies of harmony and love, increasing the chances of bringing your ex love back into your life.

Enhancing Communication and Understanding 

Effective communication and understanding are vital for rebuilding a relationship. Astrology can provide insights into the communication styles and emotional needs of both partners. By acknowledging and addressing these needs, you can create an environment of open and empathetic communication, fostering the potential for reestablishing a deep emotional connection.


In conclusion, astrology offers potent remedies to bring your ex love back into your life. By analyzing birth charts, strengthening Venus and the Moon, performing Vashikaran remedies, seeking forgiveness and healing, strengthening the 7th house, and enhancing communication and understanding, you can create favorable conditions for reconciliation. Remember that astrology is a tool that compliments sincere efforts and personal growth. With patience, self-reflection, and guidance from an experienced astrologer, you can increase the likelihood of reuniting with your ex love and embarking on a new chapter of love and happiness together.



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